I am a dreamer. I am in love with colors but monochrome flutters my heart too. I am a hobbyist photographer that captures anything that makes my heart stir. I am a self-proclaimed introvert and a self-declared minimalist. I am a travel junkie. I adore freedom. And, I am who I am.

My name is Salliza Salleh and my friends called me Sally Matsuda. Not that I am not proud of my given name ... it started when I was 19, my childhood friends attempted to create an adventurous name to match my unique and hyper personality and the name stick to me like a glue.


Apart from here, I do post some of my photos at my Flickr of Matsuda Mashimaru and 500px of Matsuda Mashimaru.


I love writing, it calms my nonstop talkative mind. And so I rant about whatever that crossed my mind in my blog at Matsuda Treasure Chest. Please visit me there too as I always make sure that the blog is updated each month.


And, I contribute an article once a month on photography to New Straits Times Malaysia under the Life and Times 'bots Click!' column and I plan to write as many as possible articles on both photography and traveling, just because I am very forgetful and writing is my way of writing my life journal. I will update each of my published articles here in my Zenfolio blog as a 'trophy' lol ... bless me oh Allah. Thank you ...